Why Organic Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the essential part of roots, bark, peels, seeds, and flowers. They are steam distilled or cold pressed (to safely extract the life blood from the plant). Then it is bottled for you and me to enjoy. The molecules of essential oils are small enough to diffuse through the air and also to penetrate the skin so it can enter into our blood stream. Essential oils are potent. In fact, just a few drops are enough. Essential oils are so strong that it is always the best practice to dilute them before putting them on our bodies.

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years. In some countries, essential oils are still an important part of treating illness.  Essential oils are known to help us in a number of ways. Essential oils are also a natural way in making our homes smell good.

Why Organic Supplements?

MOTHER NATURE KNOWS BEST: Somehow, it has become an accepted belief that we need to supplement our diets with vitamin and mineral capsules or tablets to fill in nutritional gaps we aren’t getting from our meals. So we should re-created vitamins work the same way as naturally found in food.

  1. A 2002 study concluded that neither synthetic nor partially synthetic nutrients could match real ones in absorption, retention and utilization by the body.
  2. Food is complex. It contains dozens of micronutrients, cofactors, enzymes and phytonutrients that work synergistically together. In food, vitamins are in the form of enzymes or coenzymes. Changes to these natural structures destroys the nutritious effect that these nutrients have in our body.
  3. They’re not in the right quantities. Taking isolated nutrients can cause dangerous imbalances in the body. “Too much” of one nutrient can seriously affect values of others (such as excess Vitamin D creating Magnesium deficiency and excess Zinc creating Copper deficiency).

If your supplements aren’t giving you whole foods, but instead isolated forms of nutrients, you need to rethink your vitamins. No synthetic nutrients, no added fillers, no yucky artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. All these nasty additives aren’t necessary and do more harm than good. Real NUTRITION COMES FROM REAL FOOD. 

Why Natural Personal Care Better?

Skin is your body’s largest organ and your protective barrier. You need to be aware of what you are exposing it to. If you put dangerous ingredients on your skin, they get into your body where you don’t want them to be inside your body. Abiding by an organic skin care routine and using natural skin care products will help your skin feel and look healthier than ever before.

Unfortunately, many of the “safe” ingredients in traditional skin care products are causing reproductive issues and they are linked to increased cancer risk. The more you are exposed to them, the more they are concentrate in your body. Using natural and organic products and periodic body cleansing are a strong fundamental foundation to keep you safe and healthy.

You are what you eat, and the food you put in your body affects how your skin looks and feels. Healthy, whole, organic food will help you look healthy and whole. Unhealthy, unnatural, low-nutrition food will produce a much different result. Avoid processed foods and refined sugar.

The ideal way to get the nutrients you need for a radiant complexion is by following a healthy, balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables like berries, grapefruit, kale, spinach, and peppers. This is a reliable way to obtain the nutrition and antioxidants you need. Nutrition from whole, organic food is always best but if you take nutritional supplements to fill the gaps in your diet. Make sure they are organic, plant-sourced, and from a trusted, reputable brand.

Finally, as important as it is to get the right daily nutrients, your lifestyle also matters. Don’t smoke, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and stay well-hydrated. Some sun exposure is important and necessary for vitamin D production and other benefits, but too much can causing your skin to age. We strongly believed in LOVING YOUR BODY, SAVING OUR PLANETCLEAN BODIES, CLEANER WORLD.

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