We are a team of people passionate and determined to make the world into a healthier, happier place. It’s our mission to show you how pure, organic food can transform your health and the health of the planet. Our team is committed to quality, transparency, and accountability in the health food and supplement industry. We all know that eating more fruits and vegetables regularly is the first step towards regaining and maintaining health.

We are a family-run business offering natural products to heal and optimize well-being. We specialize in the manufacturing of traditional herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Our products are a safe way to restore, sustain or improve your health in today’s hectic modern world. We guarantee every product we sell because we carefully select the highest quality of raw materials only from the most trusted producers. In addition, our manufacturing techniques preserve the natural properties of our ingredients so you can expect the most benefits. We rigorously test every single step of the manufacturing process to exceed industry standards. Our accredited laboratories watch for any toxic contaminants or heavy metals assuring the safety, purity, efficacy and quality of our products. We also refrains from using any harmful alcohol, preservatives, colors and chemical additives! You can put your trust in our products; your health is our commitment.

All the products contain certified organic Canadian hemp seed oil at the highest possible concentration and are designed to improve moisture, shine and leave skin and hair with no build-up or greasy residue. Omega fatty acids, amino acids and anti-oxidants lock in moisture to promote cell rejuvenation for youthful glowing skin. All formulas are completely biodegradable, PETA certified as cruelty free and vegan, and use food grade flavoring for the fresh scent. The line consists of hair cleansing, hair styling, skin care, and body care.

Cannanda is proud and excited to present one of our greatest innovations: our CB2™ blend is a legal, non-prescription alternative to cannabidiol (CBD) or used to enhance your CBD experience. CBD is the popular cannabis compound that has significant health benefits, but lacks the psychoactive effects of its sister compound, THC. This means you get a number of incredible health benefits without feeling “high,” and it delivers these benefits by positively influencing the endocannabinoid system (ECS; the body’s master regulator of homeostasis).

Drizzle was born out of a desire to showcase the unique qualities of raw, unadulterated honey while empowering sustainable production in beekeeping.
Drizzle Honey brings sophistication, exceptional taste, and seasonal beauty to your table. We keep our honey raw, and rich with healthy pollen, enzymes, and minerals.
So go ahead – dig in! Drizzle honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about.

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